Dowsing Pendulum

Dowsing operates in the “Yes” or “No” answers format.

When we ask a question,  our Higher Self that is connected to the Source knows the answer and pass the information as a nervous signal to our physical body.  If you look at your hand when you ask a question,  you will notice the tiny movements that being transferred along the string pick up in strength and cause the pendulum to swing in a certain direction.

Before you start the very dowsing you have to agree with your Higher Self – body – pendulum how the answer “Yes”, “No”, “Maybe or there is no answer yet” will look like.

The pendulum is pretty much anything attached to one end of a string or chain with another end being fixed (held between the fingers in our case).  The very pendulum is not possessing any divine properties and not giving you any predictions,  so the material of a pendulum doesn’t matter as long as it is some sort of weight.  It could be a stone, a crystal, metal.